ISEC Units

1. Research and Surveying Unit
The research and surveying unit is in charge of determining the current status and skills of the graduates of IT related disciplines, and for evaluating the current IT Programs, The unit is also responsible for conducting training needs analysis, and for analyzing the software engineering gap in the Palestinian software engineering industry. Such activities will be carried out in compliance with national and international skills and standards as well as in cooperation with chosen national & international software engineering firms.
2. Training Unit
The training unit job is to design and conduct intermediate and focused software engineering road-map training programs to upgrade the skills level of (100) IT related graduates and staff.This aims to bridge the national and international gap. Well-qualified software developers and engineers as well as national & international trainers will participate in the training activities. 
3. Software Projects Unit
The software projects unit will be responsible for developing a number of software projects jointly with An-Najah University. This unit aims at creating a "best practices" environment of excellence for graduates, staff and IT private sector colleagues. This will help them to explore the state of the art software engineering technology through hands-on projects using modern computers and software.Three software projects will be selected to be implemented by a selected team of highly qualified and trained professionals.