ISEC Project

The project aims at establishing the “Innovative Software Engineering Center using International Standards” (ISEC). The Partners are proposing using the Software Process Improvement (SPI) method for improvement and evaluation of the software development process in Palestine according to the International standards.
The ISEC Project is intended to overcome technical and technological problems that face IT graduates and the software development industry. It also attempts to contribute to the development of the software engineering education at the Palestinian universitiesm not only by improving and building up the practical and interpersonal skills  of IT graduates, but also by conducting professional training, and lunching pilot projects in cooperatIon with the IT private sector.
The project was implemented by IT Center of Excellence at Palestine Polytechnic University in cooperation with the Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of Excellence at An-Najah National University, and the Palestinian Information Technology Association PITA, with the generous support from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF).
Target Group

  • Available and potential software developers and engineers who have recently graduated from their respective programs.
  • PPU/An-Najah software engineering staff.
  • IT private sector employees.