Capacity Building

Capacity Building Activities:

  • Training and Human Resources Development Unit had conducted more than 6200 training hours for more than 1650 trainees.
  • The trainees who participate in the training courses are individuals from local community, students, and employees from different Governmental institutions, NGOs, and the private sector.
  • The training courses conducted in FFKITCE could be IT essentials, Programming Languages, Networks, and other computerized applications for Multimedia, Engineering, Architecture, Accounting, Management, and others.
  • Training and Human Resources Development Unit conducts, also, training workshops for some International IT Companies such as Microsoft and Google.

Capacity Building Services:

  • To establish training partnerships with leading International IT companies.
  • To conduct need assessment surveys and cap analysis for different industrial &commercial society sectors in local market.
  • To provide certified training through a wide range of IT professional training courses.
  • To provide tailor-made training courses/packages for special target groups.
  • To provide quality assurance and self assessment of all training programs and training courses conducted in the center.