About PPU Young Women

PPU Young Women Project will benefit 65 female University seniors and young graduates.The project will empower these young women to penetrate the male-dominated fields of IT and business. PPU senior female students of the faculty of Administrative and Computer Sciences and young graduates in Business Administration, and Graphic Design competed to join the pre-incubation training program.
The groups were divided into two groups to be trained in topics like small business planning, entrepreneurial skills, life skills, innovative management, marketing, and branding. The participants will get a total of 200 hours of training.
The second phase will be an incubation of ground-breaking ideas that the trainees will develop.
Project Goals
This training program is designed to provide Members with the tools (and the know-how on their use), the processes and the methodologies to Enable entrepreneurs to make the idea to a successful project and work on their application of the concepts to launch the project and turn it into profit enterprise generates income for them and according to the concepts of business incubators for small and medium business.
Target Group:

  1. Selection of candidates: 60 young pioneering female graduate and senior students from IT, MIS, Graphics design and Multimedia and Contemporary Business Administration specialties will be selected. Their selection will be based on their GPA’s, a placement test, and a personal interview.
  2. Pre-incubation training courses:  these will target of 60 trainees in management skills, accounting and finance, marketing and public relations, entrepreneurial skills, and life skills. These three groups will have 200 hours of training courses each for a total of 60 trainees.
  3. Project Innovative Ideas competition: the selection of 20 participants who will create five project ideas for incubation. Projects should have innovative IT solutions to real time problems. The competition will be supervised by a specialized committee of IT and Management experts at PPU and a representative from the private sector, the criteria of selection will be based upon levels of creativity and innovation of solution, in addition to feasibility of the ideas and the extent of benefits that will be brought to the local community.